Connect With St John’s Mountains before cooling off in our sea!

Reef2Peak offers hikes within St John’s National Park . All of our hikes include an opportunity for snorkeling. Your guide will provide a wealth of information about the ecology & history of the areas you explore and will identify the myriad sea life you will encounter and point out hidden wonders when they accompany you on snorkels. If you are not a snorkeling fan you can relax in the shade, cool off in the water, or explore the beautiful locales we hike to.

Discover the magic of the Virgin Islands National Park on our hikes at Waterlemon Cay, Drunk Bay and Brown Bay. These beautiful locations are off the beaten path and will give you a new perspective of St John’s park and provide access to unique snorkeling experiences.

Listed below are the hiking excursions we currently offer. Please click on the links to learn more about each trip.
If you are interested in a custom excursion, please give us a call or contact us through email!