Hike through Waterlemon Cay

Waterlemon Cay is located on the east side of Leinster Bay on the north shore of St John. This area has many Danish ruins including a plantation, school and guard house. This area is equally rich with history and natural beauty! Our hike follows the flat, mile long Leinster Bay Trail along the water’s edge through dappled shade and ending near Waterlemon Cay. Once there you can relax on shore, explore the Johnny Horn trail, or take a short 1/10th mile swim over starfish & sea cucumbers to Waterlemon Cay and some of St John’s best snorkeling. Circling the cay the sea is usually calm and sea life is plentiful. Parrotfish and colorful blue tang abound, spotted eagle rays & green turtles are common and if you are lucky you might spot a well camouflaged octopus. After our explorations we return back along the trail, ending our journey at the fascinating Annanburg Ruins where you can take a self guided park tour.

3-4 hour Hike & Snorkel

2-4 People - $70 per person
5-10 People - $60 per person
Call for rates on larger groups

Tours Offered 8:00am Daily