Maho Bay is synonymous with TURTLES!

In addition to the scenic beauty of Maho, the bay is known as being one of the calmest along the North Shore Road making it a great place for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding. It’s also a kid friendly beach with its sandy shoreline and shallow inner bay. Maho Bay is one of the best places to see sea turtles on St. John. The seagrass, which grows the length of the bay is a favorite grazing area for both green turtles and hawksbills which are often seen by snorkelers at Maho. In addition to turtles, visitors can see rays, conch and a variety of fish not only along the length of the bay, but also along the rocky northern and southern coastlines.

Kayaking & Paddle Boarding at Maho Bay

Due to its orientation along the North Shore, Maho is the perfect place for kayaking or Stand-Up Paddle Boarding on St. John as the bay is one of the calmest on St. John. Its shallow sandy beach and close proximity to the road makes it an easy put-in for kayakers and paddle boarders. Renting kayaks or SUP boards from Reef2Peak at Maho Bay gives visitors a chance to access and enjoy not only Maho Bay but the entire area from America Point to Mary’s Point including Little Maho Beach (the former site of Maho Bay Campgrounds), Baby Maho Beach (a small secluded beach accessible only from the water), and Francis Bay (the last beach on St. John’s North Shore known for its pristine sand and as a prime birding spot on St. John).

Savor the moment at Maho Bay!

We love renting SUP's , Kayaks, Snorkel Gear, Chairs and Umbrellas and more at Maho Bay!